Happy Birthday Leopold’s!

20 Aug

LeopoldsIceCream1LargeUnless you have been living under a rock in the city limits of Savannah Georgia, you know who and what Leopold’s is. For those of you new-comer’s, let me explain..

In 1919, Peter, George & Basil Leopold set up shop as an ice cream shop downtown at the corner of Gwinett and Habersham. It was here that Peter refined his knowledge of ice cream making, to the delight of any American. The ice cream shop was in full swing for about 50 years, with regulars such as the famed Johnny Mercer! The centennial of Mercer’s birth is being celebrated in Savannah this year, and Leopold’s has developed a special flavor of ice cream, Huckleberry Cheesecake, in his honor.

Stratton Leopold took the helm when his father and one of his uncles passed away.  Savannah saw  a dark day, when Stratton closed Leopold’s to pursue his dream as a movie producer in Los Angeles.  After some time, Stratton was taking up residence in both cities. It was then that locals saw the opportunity to shamelessly beg for Stratton to re open the beloved ice cream shop.

And so, he did. In 2004 Leopold’s was back in business at a new location, 212 E. Broughton Street! The new store was designed by Academy Award-nominated designer Dan Lomino, who incorporated many original fixtures, including the soda fountain, at the new location.

This weekend is the Celebration! There will be specials, including 90 cent ice cream and sodas, that will be available Saturday from 11-11.  There will be birthday cake at 3:30, and live music,and dancing.

Be there, or be square!


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