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Spring is almost sprung

26 Feb

I love home grown herbs & veggies, and I have been day dreaming and doodling the designs of my new garden beds. I think it’s important to remember that no matter where you live, in a condo, a subdivision or out in the quiet countryside you can grow your own organic garden. It’s a great feeling knowing where your food is coming from and that you actually grew it! Then of course there is the added bonus of the beauty and fragrance. I think this year I am going to work on raised beds, and beautiful bushy herbs in the front of my house.

I am inspired by the tremendous talent of a guy who is known as Farmer D.
I have heard him give talks about sustainable and organic gardening a few times and he comes with his own line of products. It’s a beautiful thing he has going. Read about Farmer D here. I love the idea of supporting local business, tuning my botanical knowledge, and making healthy choices that are sustainable for the earth and for me.

I am ready for some nice warm weather so I can get my hands dirty.