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The Top 10 Remodeling Projects That Offer The Biggest Return

25 Feb

As a Realtor, I am often asked my opinion on lots of home related matters including remodeling. It’s my general opinion that you won’t get what you put in, but some creature-comforts are priceless. I also tell my sellers and buyers that even though you may not get a dollar-for-dollar return, the upgrades may make your home stand out from competition and be the deciding factor in getting you sold. I decided to do some research to gain insight on remodeling confidence and return on investment figures.  Recent industry surveys are pointing to a strong rebound in remodeling and gains from those updates.  Another point worth mentioning, job costs are down from 2011-2012 and the gains are higher!

Building a house

Here are the Top 10 Remodels you can do in the South Atlantic area to get the most bang for your buck:

            Estimated Job Cost $1096

            Return on Investment at Resale 92.2%

           *2011-2012: EJC $1,137, ROI 85.6%

            Estimated Job Cost $8,550

            Return on Investment 83.4%

           *2011-2012: EJC $9,327, ROI 77.3%

            Estimated Job Cost $10,374

            Return on Investment 79%

           *2011-2012: EJC $11,192, ROI 72.9%

           Estimated Job Cost $1431

           Return on Investment 78.8%

           *2011-2012: EJC $1,496, ROI 75.7%

           Estimated Job Cost $44,429

           Return on Investment 78.8%

           *2011-2012: EJC $47,919, ROI 72.9%

  • Window Replacement (wood & vinyl rate within .2% of each other, but in our area you are more likely to see vinyl)

           Estimated Job Cost (vinyl) $9268

           Return on Investment 74.5%

           *2011-2012: EJC $9,770, ROI 71.2%

           Estimated Job Cost $17,476

           Return on Investment 74.5%

           *2011-2012: EJC $18,527, ROI 75.4%

           Estimated Job Cost $51,044

           Return on Investment 71%

           *2011-2012: EJC $53,931, ROI 68.9%

           Estimated Job Cost $14,389

           Return on Investment 70.8%

          *2011-2012: EJC $15,084, ROI 67.5%

           Estimated Job Cost $14,612

           Return on Investment 69.8%

           *2011-2012: EJC $15,782, ROI 65.2%

It’s really no surprise to see that in the South we love our kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor spaces. First impressions like front door and windows are important too. These estimates are for mid-price range homes in the South East. Personally, I feel like some of these quotes are on the high-end and I guarantee my well certified contractors can beat these prices. If you are considering any remodeling project, it would be pleasure to put you in touch with my A-Team contractors. If you are a buyer considering FHA 203K  financing, Homepath renovation financing or any other construction loan, I can help you find a great home and match you up with the appropriate lender.

*Figures available for higher-end properties as well. All information I used in this article was compiled from Remodeling Magazine.