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TIme is Running Out!

28 Oct

I wrote a blog awhile back that detailed the First time buyer tax credit, and I just wanted to let everyone know that time is running out. As of today you have exactly 33 days to get your financing in place, find a home, and close on it.

If you are, or know any first time buyers in the Savannah area, please give me a call. There is still time to take advantage of what really is a buyers market. When have interest rates been this low? When has the government offered you thousands of dollars back at tax time to make a purchase you were already going to make? The answer is NOW!!! Did you know that you can own a home for less than you pay in rent? Did you know, most people begin to build long term wealth through home-ownership?

You have to act now to take advantage. Don’t kick yourself in December because you didn’t act on this opportunity!