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Sidewalk Arts Festival Always Draws A Crowd!

18 Apr

sidewalk2I can’t express enough how much I love this time of year in Savannah, Georgia! The azaleas are in bloom, the Sandgnats have returned to Grayson Stadium for another season, and there seems to be a perpetual breeze keeping the sun from being overbearing. Everyone is in a good mood, the park is full of runners, readers & dogs, and everyone seems to have the same idea to head downtown, beer in-hand, for a leisurely stroll.

Another highlight of the Spring season for me is the Savannah College of Art & Design’s Sidewalk Arts Festival. This is the 32nd year of this popular event where SCAD alumni, students and prospective students gather in beautiful Forsyth park and are able to design their unique paved square in chalk. Over the past years there have been amazing improvements in technique and imagination. Some artists use the chalk like paint and create gorgeous masterpieces you would covet for the walls of your dream home. Some artists use their space for activism or political perspective, and some take a comedic approach and are just silly.

The festival is an open-air gallery through the park and takes place Saturday, April 27th from 11-5. Admission is free, so grab your dogs, kids, or a beer and take a stroll through the park and enjoy the eye candy and soak up some good energy from our local talent.










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