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35 Harleigh Lane, Ellabell, Georgia

25 Jan

New listing in the Black Creek Community. 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, converted garage for flex space (garage door still on so changing back would be a snap!), large privacy fenced back yard, fire pit, quiet neighborhood in a natural setting. Minuted to I-16, and I-95. Qualifies for USDA 100% financing. Seller may consider a lease.  Contact me with questions!

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Under Contract – 9 Springwater

28 Aug

This house is an REO with Chase Bank and is being purchased using the USDA loan program by some very excited first-time home buyers. This property has an awesome two car garage and open floor plan. There is a huge unfinished basement that is a blank canvas just waiting for this couple to get creative. 

Don’t worry about USDA running out of money!

15 Mar

Awhile back I blogged about the USDA loan program. Read about it here. It’s big business in my local area and has helped tons and tons of people purchase homes that may not have been able to before. In short, the USDA loan is designed to be 100% financing and is in place to stimulate growth and development in “rural areas”.

Unfortunately, USDA is expecting the fiscal year of 2010 funding to be depleted by the end of April. Therefore, many lenders have stopped registering any new USDA applications as of last Friday. I would venture to say that there may be a correlation for the depletion of USDA funds and the mad dash for first time home buyers to take advantage of the $8,000 first time buyer credit.

On the flip side of that coin, applicants in need of 100% financing still have options. For instance, in lieu of the USDA loan, a borrower can seek out the Georgia Dream loan program. Georgia Dream has specifications and limitations, just like any other loan would. It is designed for first time home buyers needing down payment and closing cost assistance. There is a minimum credit score required and a maximum occupant number per household. Read about it here.

Need help finding a home? Have questions about loans, lenders or a property? Give me a call!

The USDA Loan Program

13 Aug


The first time I heard someone mention a USDA loan, it threw me for a loop. I thought about it for a second, and the only inference I could make is that the USDA is the government regulatory agency for farmers. So, I assumed it was a loan program just for farmers and acreage. I was wrong.  Actually, the USDA loan program is one designed to stimulate the development in “rural” areas, but it’s open to anyone who wants to buy a single family home.

By definition, the USDA loan is a government insured loan program that is designed to make qualifying areas more affordable. In relation to Savannah, anything in Chatham or Effingham County, so long as it’s West of I-95, qualifies.  Stop and think about that folks. That means that a huge chunk of Pooler qualifies, as well as Port Wentworth, Rincon, Guyton, and Springfield. Now that you know where you can get this loan, let’s look at some other qualifications.

  • The USDA loan is considered “100% financing“, which means you don’t have to put any money down. This has the potential to be great! In many cases, you can buy a home for less than what you pay in rent.
  • There is no mortgage insurance premium, like there would be with an FHA loan. ( This is money that is paid into escrow to insure your lender against loss or default on your loan).
  • There is no maximum loan amount. As long as your income and credit can support it, there is no cap on the amount of your loan.
  • Think your credit score is in the can and you can’t qualify? All you need is a credit score of 580 to qualify.
  • ALL USDA loans are 30 year FIXED at whatever the current market rate is.  Today is 5.26% for example.
  • You can purchase re-sell or new construction properties.
  • You may even get approved with Chapter 7 bankruptcy!

There are some downsides to the program:

  • There are income limitations. These limitations are based on your income, and number of people in the household.
  • Also, I think it’s wise to plan to stay in your home a minimum of 3-5 years. At that point, you may have enough equity in the home to move up.

Not to worry though. It’s a great opportunity for many people to purchase a home that aren’t cash friendly. Despite what the media reports, real estate is still a very sound investment, as long as you go about it the right way. Be responsible. Do some investigating. Speak to lenders and get the help of a Realtor!


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