“We were lucky enough to get Erin when I called Coldwell to check on a
listing–we knew no agent in town.  She did a GREAT job for us in finding a
two BR condo for my daughter on a very short time table because I was coming
in from out of town.  Erin was incredibly diligent in first showing us a lot
of choices and then helping us negotiate the price once we found what we
liked; and then helping us with the closing.  I just retired as a senior
executive with a fortune 100 company so I know a talented, hard working
young person when i see one–Erin’s professionalism and work ethic should
serve her well.” –Art Hipwell & Whitney Hipwell, Buyer’s Agent

“Tim & I just wanted to thank you for your help in finding our home & showing us around. We really did appreciate you taking the time with us over the New Year holiday. Also, thanks for helping us when we were locked out! I Told Tim since you helped us out we knew who to call when we need bail money. LOL! We weill definately call on you in the future & refer you to anyone & everyone when given a chance! Thanks so much.” –Tim & Jenni Carey Buyer’s Agent

“Erin is a very nice, intelligent, kind and caring person. She has proven to be very dedicated to her job as well as her clients/buyers. She has been very helpful to me and I would refer her great service to everyone that I know that is interested in purchasing or selling a home. If I was to rate Erin on a scale of 1 to 10 for everything she has done for me, of course she would get a 10.”–Shamika Dunbar, Buyer’s Agent

“Buying a home is scary in itself but it is even more so as a first time home buyer. We were lucky enough to find Erin! She got us through the whole process. We loved working with her because she is sharp, quick on her feet, knowledgeable, very proactive and most of all she looked out for our best interest all the way. We would definitely use her services again and refer anyone to her that is in the market for a home. Thank you so much Erin, for everything. YOU ROCK!!!!”
— The Boughners Buyer’s Agent

“Erin was great and best of all got us the result we had been desperately seeking for 3 years! She sold our unsellable condo!”

— Jess & Lauren Milner Seller’s Agent

“Erin was an absolute JOY to work with. When we began looking for a house to purchase, we knew the area we were interested in, and we were looking to close pretty quickly. She is great at helping buyers think outside the box while looking at homes. When looking at the house we decided to purchase, she had some great ideas on how to renovate the bathrooms in the future, and had already done some thinking on it before she even showed us the house. We were very impressed with how she would show property. She would stay in the background while we looked around, but was always right there for any questions we may have. She wasn’t pushy, but had great recommendations. i would recommend her to anyone buying or selling a home. She was very knowledgable of the area and was able to negotiate a price that was right where we wanted to be. Thanks Erin for EVERYTHING!”

— Abbi Kobbman & Aaron Keen Buyer’s Agent 2011

“Erin is the best real estate agent I have worked with ever. I never once felt as if she was not trying to market my house to the best of her ability, and my does she have a gift. Let’s face it the market is horrible right now, that did not stop Erin. She was constantly getting potential buyers in to view my house, which eventually lead to some happy buyers and a happy seller.”

— Jessica Holder Seller’s Agent

“Erin is the best agent that Ive ever worked with because she is patient, smart, hard working and SHE ALWAYS KEEPS IN TOUCH! That is what has allowed Erin to assist me with closing on a property on more than once occasion. No matter what she is doing or where she is, she always responds to me which is extremely helpful to a buyer searching for that perfect buy!”

— Marvin Phidd Buyer’s Agent 2010, Seller’s Agent 2010, Buyer’s Agent 2010

“Thank you so much Erin for your patience, itegrity, and work ethic. In this very difficult real estate market you hanged in there with me through it all. I was very lucky to find you and others who deal with you are fortunate as well.”

— Veronica Weisner

” Erin Rowley is among the most patient people I know.  Erin showed me a great number of houses until we found ‘the one’. She was diligent and procured all the information and data I wanted for any given house. Erin was always there to help me with any question or request I had.  Thanks to her I got the foreclosure I wanted, at a very good price.  I recommend her 100%!”

–Kaloyan Hariskov 2012

“I do not believe I could have made it through this transaction without Erin. She was a wonderful source of support, kept me informed at every turn, and added warmth to an otherwise cold and daunting ordeal. I am forever grateful.”

– Pat Brown 2012 Listed & Sold Short Sale, Seller’s Agent 2012

” To those of you looking to purchase a home I urge you to contact Erin Rowley of Century 21.Upon letting Erin know what i was looking for in a home properties fitting my needs were quickly expedited to me.I found a home in a matter of weeks and literally closed in under 45 days.Erin’s knowledge of the Georgia area helped me greatly as well for I am from New Jersey.Her expertise and knowledge in real estate helped ease the burden of searching for a home.Not to mention all of the good people Erin refered me to.Kudos to Erin Rowley thank-you.”

— Kenny Grant Buyer’s Agent 2012

“Thank you for making our first home buying experience enjoyable, we had some snags along the way but you were always the calm in the storm. It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to referring you to all my friends & family:-)”

— Sheena Maria Sloman & Johnnie Mincey  Buyer’s Agent 2012
” Erin continues to be of help, even after the sale has been completed – beyond what I would have expected or deemed necessary. I don’t like to gush – it gives me a bad taste in my mouth to say nothing negative – but I can’t think of negative things to say. For friends considering home purchase, I recommend her.”

— Taylor & Phoebe Beeson Buyer’s Agent 2012

“Erin was a life saver when I was relocated for work. Not only did she quickly sell my house in a less than ideal economy, she handled all the extra details surrounding the sale that were difficult for me to take care of remotely. Erin went above and beyond to help me understand the process, make reccomendations about descisions, and navigate the paperwork. If you need a realtor, Erin will not let you down!!” — Mariah Hay Listed & Sold Home 2013

More past client reviews here

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